Hello! We are currently in open beta - please do get in touch with any issues, feature requests or questions.

Sail CI

Hyperscale CI with a single command.

Deliver more with unlimited concurrency. Never wait for builds to begin.

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Setup CI in under a minute.

No Credit Card Required.

Follow these simple steps by copying and pasting the command into your terminal, or simply click them to copy & paste.

That's it!
Timeline steps


In your terminal install the CLI.


In the root of your project simply run a single command.



You can now list jobs or even stream logs right in your terminal.


Stop paying for unused containers.

Simply pay for the time a job takes against the resources used. Simple and transparent pricing, the way cloud pricing should be. No more paying for unused containers on a weekend.

Other Continuous Integration Tools

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Limited Compute Power

Pay for “always on” Resources

Limited Concurrency


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x4 vCPU / 3.60 GB

declare job cpu & memory in psx coming soon

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Pay Per Second

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Unlimited Concurrency

Say Goodbye to Queuing. Forever.

Continuous integration should be just that... continuous. Our unlimited concurrency keeps every team member moving forward.

Stop queuing and keep shipping to customers with every pull request and commit!


Pricing Guidelines

Prices may vary, prices shown are a guide only. All prices exclude tax and VAT.


Total Cost


Total Cost

2 minute build


4 minute build


6 minute build


8 minute build



free minutes per repository

per month

A Natural Workflow

Forget context switching, be context aware with the Sail CLI. Integrates with your projects git repository.

Sail CI makes it feel like builds are running natively on your machine. Unlimited resources at your fingertips.

Pipeline Syntax eXecutable

A declarative pipeline syntax with reusable components that allow teams to use the entire JavaScript ecosystem to create, test and share.

What's even better is that Sail CI compiles your pipeline into a cross platform binary you can run anywhere.

PSX Example




Mac OS

Mac OS

Open Source Components

Build and share components with everyone using the entire JavaScript ecosystem.

Secrets as Standard.

Every repository has its own cryptographic key so you can encrypt sensitive information and environment variables with ease and piece of mind.

GitHub Integrations.

Status updates come through live as your build progresses through a pipeline. Ensure pull requests pass required checks to ensure your team can be confident when merging new features.

Preview Environments.

A preview environment is deployed on every commit and branch to allow product owners and testers the ability to preview and test new features.

coming soon

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